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Located in the centre of Mumbai, Kathiwada City House is a shining example of how heritage spaces can be reshaped and repurposed. This Art Deco Townhouse built in the 1940s by a well known art collector and the then sheriff of Mumbai, Jehangir Nicholson is replete with a rich history. Years later his diligent search led him to find yet another patron and connoisseur of the arts,
Sangita Devi Kathiwada. In 2002 she went on to redesign the house completely to suit her contemporary living. Circa 2020 The House opened its doors to the discerning .

Housing some of the finest art, objects and
furniture, with ample natural light flowing in from the private gardens the space is reflective of the owner’s personal expression and her passion for heritage restoration.

Privately owned professionally run, Kathiwada City House warmly welcomes Circle members and their friends. Circle 1434 is a private community of a chosen few, culturally curious, creative individuals. The space not only provides them with a unique experience, but serves as their home away from home.

"Sangita’s family descends from the erstwhile rulers of the princely state of Kathiwada, in Madhya Pradesh. For years, they have hosted artists, architects, potters, writers and photographers at their Worli home."

- Vogue India

A nondescript door opens up into a secret front garden with sun umbrellas, white marble tables and comfortable lounge chairs that you want to immediately sink in to with that cuppa.

Front Garden.jpg
Sitting Room.jpg

Our spacious sitting rooms are just three steps up from the fragrant blossoming madhumalti climbing up the historic townhouse.

The Central Gallery is the perfect place for introspection, conversation and art appreciation during the day and a social setting for entertaining during the night. We host stimulating talks, discussions, screenings, workshops ,wellness and design gatherings.

Central Gallery.jpg
Juice Bar.jpg

Find yourself at the Juice Bar, a cup of coffee or a turmeric immunity drink after a sound bath is the best pick-me-up.

The House favourite at the end of the Gallery is our Sun Room, filled with hand picked vintage furniture from various parts of the world. Unwind with a friend or curl up with a book.

Sun Room 1 (Edited).jpg
The Diner (Edited).jpg

Slide the door to the Diner to consume consciously, we use the freshest ingredients and stay true to the season.

The sound of the wind chime beckons you to step out onto the Temple and Sculpture Courts, lined with majestic old Barringtonia and Royal Copperpod trees. Not to miss a hidden smoking temple.

Temple Court.jpg
Work Studio.jpg

The Work Studio makes work appear like play and we can say the same for the Board Room

For that very private talk book the Lounge ….

Private Lounge.jpg
Wellness Studio.jpg

The beautifully appointed Wellness Studio is the perfect space in the house to heal.

The north-east Therapy Rooms provide a calming experience with our in-house expert therapists helping one restore their inner balance.

Therapy Room.jpg
Souza Suite.jpg

The Souza Suite is home to artworks by F.N Souza with wrap around balcony.

The Prithvi Room houses a large collection of vintage vinyls with a turntable for your listening pleasure along with cricket memorabilia, classic novels and the Kathiwada Royal Family’s archival photographs.

Memorabilia Room - Edited.jpg
The Stairs (Edited).jpg

A lot can happen on the stairs - and these stairs more so.

"No room at the bungalow comes without art or sizable windows, so the surrounding greenery always makes its way inside."

- Conde Nast Traveller India

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