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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Kathiwada City House web site (the "Site"). Please read these Terms of Conditions carefully before proceeding with your membership application. If you are not agreeable to these terms, we request you not to apply for the membership.
Kathiwada City House, is a member’s community for the culturally curious. We envision the Circle as a meeting place for the likeminded, to inspire, support, learn, co-create and collaborate.
We see it as a coming together of individuals with diverse backgrounds and strengths who can contribute to one another. To be a starting point for ever lasting friendships, flourishing partnerships and transformational journeys.
We will curate events and workshops around art, design, literature, food, fashion and wellbeing, but the circle will only complete with your individual offerings of talents and resources.
We also see it as a place to pause, reflect and unwind. To break away from the hectic every day and find your moment of solitude. At the heart of the Circle is an Art Deco Bungalow, Kathiwada City House, redesigned and repurposed to enable these possibilities.
Before we walk you through the details of your membership and the benefits you derive by joining the Kathiwada City House family, we would like to share with you our visions as an esteemed organisation and hope all members uphold these visions.
The Kathiwada City House Way
To make our interactions safe and welcoming place, we ask our team, our members and their guests to follow our basic humanitarian vision for positive and mindful behaviour.
Kindness and respect

As an extension of the brands of the Kathiwada family, a legacy that dates back to 1434 AD which has adapted to changing forms, societies and political structures, we do not judge on gender, race or sexuality and we expect our members and guests to do the same. Our present founders and the trusted circle of advisors have created businesses and social organizations for a modern India that we would like to leave behind better than we received it. Let’s inculcate the best in us for future generations will follow in our footsteps.
Positivity and Grace

We encourage our network of members to share stories of kindness, learning and inspiration to create meaningful connections as our community grows. We have a collective responsibility to ensure racist, sexist, homophobic, or any form of abusive language is not tolerated. A modern world is also a constantly evolving and changing world.
General Conduct

A shared understanding of behaviour is essential in creating a safe and welcoming space. Enjoying your moment, interacting and having meaningful connections is the goal but inappropriate behavior and over-reaching is not. If you are found consuming drugs or other banned substances in our space or at our events, strict action will be taken.

We’re inspired by the diversity of our members; it helps us build a better community. If you have a negative experience, we ask that you let us know immediately, so we can take appropriate action.
Members who don’t follow our standards of behaviour, risk their membership being suspended or revoked.
Membership to Kathiwada City House operates under the terms and conditions as set out hereinbelow unless otherwise expressly stated. Should you require any clarifications you can contact the us at +91 91372 77620 or write to us at
You agree to the terms and conditions outlined hereunder. This document constitutes the entire and only agreement between us and you with respect to your membership at Kathiwada City House and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to the membership or our website, the content, products or services provided by or through the website, and the subject matter of this document.
•    "House” shall mean the Kathiwada City House property/house affiliation i.e. Kathiwada City House, to which the membership has been procured.
•    "Member" means a natural person who is admitted as a member of Kathiwada City House.
•    "Card" refers to the swipe card which will be provided to members, which will be in the nature of a PDF/JPEG/PNG image format.
•    "Service Partners" refers to all of the partners that offer services and benefits or any facilities and arrangements to the members of Kathiwada City House.
•    "Participating Properties" means those properties with which Kathiwada City House has or may have a tie up with and which properties can be utilised by the Members in accordance with the terms contained herein, such as boutique hotels in India.       
•    These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India and the Courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all matters arising out of these Terms and Conditions.
•    Membership and benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Kathiwada City House.
•    Membership shall be void if it is prohibited by the laws in the country of the Member's domicile or if the same becomes prohibited under Indian laws.
•    Membership Benefit may vary depending upon the type of membership you procure.
•    These terms and conditions form part and parcel of your membership.
•    These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time as may be determined by the management of Kathiwada City House and the changes will automatically apply to each Member. Members are requested to keep themselves updated on the change in rules on our Site.
•    Where any Member is bringing a guest to the House, such guests will have to follow the decorum and rules of the House while on premises. A Member is and will always be responsible and liable for the actions of their guests.
•    Enrolment and membership
•    Membership is by invitation only or through credible references. We may open our invitation to the public at large but it will be at the sole discretion of the management of Kathiwada City House.
•    We reserve the right to do a background check on the members and verify the information we receive in the applications.
Membership eligibility:
(a) Membership is open to individuals who are aged 25 years and above.
(b) The member is a citizen of India
(c) The member is not a citizen of India but must furnish citizenship proof of his/her country and valid visas for being in India.
Corporations, associations or groups cannot enrol for membership until otherwise amended or changed as per these terms and conditions.
Membership application:
-    By completing and submitting your application for membership via our House website, you agree to be bound by the House rules and these Terms and Conditions.
-    The membership committee meets monthly or as per need basis and admits new members when space is available. The membership committee shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a member of the House.
-    You are free to withdraw your application at any time. Should you wish to do so, please contact our membership team at
-    If your membership application is accepted, we will confirm this by sending you a ‘Welcome to Cirle1434’ email. Your annual membership will commence on the date your ‘welcome to Kathiwada City House’ email is sent.
-    The information the members provide to Kathiwada City House when completing the membership application, is processed as Kathiwada City House's Terms & Conditions.      
Types of Membership:
1.    Full Circle
2.    Double Circle
3.    Please see your individual PDF offers provided to you for the various membership plans and packages. New plans and packages may be added and amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the management.
Membership Fees
1.    The membership fees will vary depending upon the type of membership you wish to avail.
2.    Membership fees is as follows:
Full Circle Membership
Individual- INR 95,000 + taxes per annum +INR 20,000/- (One-time joining fees)
Full access with all privileges and benefits for a single member.
Fees are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.
Double Circle Membership
Individual + Partner/Spouse: INR 125,000 + taxes per annum +INR 20,000/- (One-time joining fees)
Full access with all privileges and benefits for primary member and nominated partner.’

One-time joining fees of INR 20,000 is waived off for those joining before 31st March 2021 for the Full Circle and Double Circle Membership.
The membership fees for each type of membership are valid for 12 months. Kathiwada City House reserves the right to increase the membership fees, at its sole discretion. You will need to renew your membership every 12 months, to continue enjoying the benefits of the House. This membership term can be changed from time to time by the House and the members will be duly notified of the same.
•    Payments towards membership will be made by you online to our bank account or such other payment modes as may be made available by us from time to time.
•    Each person will be entitled to 1 membership against his/her name. Duplicate membership accounts will be cancelled.
•    Membership must be in the individual's full legal name and a government recognized proof of identification will need to be provided upon request.
•    A Member is not allowed at any point of time to transfer or assign their membership or the rights, benefits and privileges under the membership to any person. Any assignment or transfer in breach of this term will entitle Kathiwada City House to suspend or terminate your membership.
•    The Membership is only valid for the period indicated on the Card or as provided in the email sent by Kathiwada City House. Thereafter, the Member will not be able to utilise the benefits of the Membership or access the House, unless renewed, as per the terms of Kathiwada City House.
•    Upon you becoming a Member, you will be entitled to create an online account or an application (under development) on our website to map the facilities in the House and the Participating Properties and also make bookings for various facilities through your account. Your account username may not include the name of another person with the intent to impersonate that person, or be offensive, vulgar or obscene. Your account username and password are personal to you. You will be responsible for the confidentiality and use of your username and password, and for all activities (including purchases) that are conducted through your account. You may not transfer or sell access to your account. We will not be liable for any harm related to disclosure of your username or password or the use by anyone else of your username or password. You may not use another user’s account without that user’s permission. You will immediately notify us in writing if you discover any unauthorized use of your account or other account-related security breach. We may require you to change your username and/or password if we believe your account is no longer secure or if we receive a complaint that your username violates someone else’s rights. You will have no ownership in your account or your username. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these terms, we reserve the right to deny the creation of, suspend access to or terminate any account(s), or to remove or modify content, features, functionalities and/or services available to account holders, at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability to you.
•    All communication to a Member will be sent to the phone via Whatsapp and/or address (postal or email) available in our records and it is the responsibility of the Member to inform us about any change in his/her communication details (email id, mobile number, and address). All communication will be deemed to have been received by the Member and we bear no responsibility for communication not received or lost in the mail or courier. If your contact or payment details change, please let us know by updating your account on our website or you can contact us at
•    It is important for us to have your current details, including a photograph of you in our membership database. By becoming a Member, you agree that we can hold your personal details and a photograph to use in connection with your membership.
•    We have no predetermined termination date and may continue to operate the membership or provide access to the Participating Properties until such time we decide to close operations, without any liability.
•    We reserve the right to grant, refuse, continue or revoke Membership at our sole discretion. Discontinued/ revoked membership will not entitle a Member to seek reimbursement of its membership fees.
•    Notwithstanding any provision contained herein, we also reserve the right to discontinue a Membership for any Member who appears to be misusing the House, affiliate facilities and other privileges the Participating Properties or breaching any terms and conditions of its membership including terms of the Service Partner rules.
•    All interpretations of the Terms and Conditions herein shall be at the sole discretion of Kathiwada City House.
•    Members are welcome to propose new applicants to join the house. Application forms are available at
•    Each Member must keep themselves abreast of any developments in the Affiliate House and Participating Property Rules, which shall be informed to you from time to time, through email notifications and as may be available for viewing on our website
•    We are not responsible, and we assume no liability, for changes or discontinuance of services provided by any Participating Property.
•    Lost/misplaced Cards will be replaced for a fee, as may be applicable from time to time.
•    Members wishing to cancel their membership after availing the membership will not be entitled to any refund.
•    Employees of Kathiwada City House, Participating Properties, Service Partners and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries and the employees of any joint ventures or company which owns and/or manages the aforesaid Houses or the Participating Properties (collectively 'Employees') are not eligible for membership.
•    Termination or Suspension of Membership:  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership if you break or breach any terms of the House, Participating Property or any terms of the Service Partners, in addition to the specific suspension and termination events mentioned elsewhere under these terms and conditions.
•    Where we suspend your membership, such suspension will not be less than 2 weeks and not more than 6 weeks. Kathiwada City House will at its discretion re-initiate your membership upon you paying a penalty amount, to be determined by Kathiwada City House, depending upon the nature of breach by the Member.
•    Where any person’s membership has been terminated in the past, such person will not be eligible for membership again in the future.
•    If a membership is suspended on 2 or more occasions, Kathiwada City House reserves the right to terminate the membership without liability or any refund to the Member.
•    You represent to Kathiwada City House that: (a) you are above 25 years of age, (b) you have the legal right to enter in to this contract with Kathiwada City House and comply with the obligations under these terms and conditions; (c) you are not barred or restricted, under any law or court order or directive of a regulatory or government authority to take the membership and comply with the membership obligations; (d) you are not insolvent, or (e) there are no criminal proceedings or proceedings involving moral turpitude file against you. You will keep Kathiwada City House update of any change in the status of your representations. Where you have informed Kathiwada City House of any change in the representations or where it has come to our knowledge (without information from the member) of any change in the representations, Kathiwada City House reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your membership, as it may deem fit.
•    The membership is for Kathiwada City House (and not for the House as a physical space). The House is just a medium to express yourself and meet people.
•    The membership to the House, or the use of the Participating Properties, or availing benefits of Service Partners, does not in any manner create any ownership right for you nor does it give any licensing right to the member on the House, Participating Properties and Service Partner services and products.
•    Circle Privileges at the House: As a Member you are entitled to experience and enjoy the different facilities offered at the House, depending upon your Membership type. The facilities available at the House are as follows:
1.    Central Gallery to meet other members or host your guests or attend an event
2.    Library
3.    Board Room
4.    Work Studio
5.    Juice Bar
6.    Dining Facilities (indoor and outdoor)
7.    Private Lounge
8.    Rooms for overnight stay
9.    Wellness Studio
10.    Private Salon
11.    Outdoor Seating
The privileges you get access to as a Member include but is not limited to
1.    Exclusive access to the House
2.    VIP days for all new art exhibitions and special previews
3.    Personal guests are invited, 2 at a time, subject to change from time to time
4.    Various member-only networking events & secret suppers
5.    Special rate on room bookings and meeting room bookings
6.    Special rate and customization for private dining groups
7.    Special rate for curated retail products
8.    First rights to all workshops and classes
9.    First rights to all event sign-ups
10.    Access to our Participating Properties with curation / upgrade / special rate
11.    Access to Kathiwada Raaj Mahal private retreat at special tariff
12.    Occasional offers on all partner brands for lifestyle products*
13.    10% off on SAVA products
14.    5% off at Melange
15.    INR 7500/- complimentary starting credit
Private Hire Charges
We give our Members an opportunity to hire facilities in the House.
Private Lounge • Board Room • Work Studio • Private Offices
For members only
Timings: 9 am to 7 pm
Max. 8 people per room
High speed Wi-Fi
Portable projector available
F&B menu available as per actuals
2 hours: INR 3,500 • 4 hours: INR 6,000 • 8 hours: INR 7,500
Inclusive of taxes, prices are subject to change from time to time.


2 guests per Member at a time
Guest Fee: INR 200, entry fee may change from time to time.
Dinner Evenings
Two times a week by prior booking
4 to 16 people
7.30pm to 11 pm
Open to Members and their guests
INR 2500 + taxes • INR 4000 + taxes • INR 6250 + taxes
Prices are subject to change from time to time.
For more details on the above, you may reach us at
Studio Charges
Wellness Studio
Limited to 6-8 people per class.
Charged as per actuals
The Salon
One on one hair grooming facility
Charged as per actuals
Therapy Room
One on one healing sessions
Charged as per actuals
Large Live-In Suite
INR 15,500 per night inclusive of taxes and breakfast
Prices are offers are subject to change from time to time.
•    Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the management of Kathiwada City House from time to time.
•    How to Use the House:
•    A Member when visiting the House must at all times carry his/her Card, without which, entry to the House will not be permitted. This is essential to ensure proper identification of the Members.
•    You may bring guests to the House, however, only 2 guests are allowed with each Member at a time. For a Double Circle Member, they will also be allowed to bring 2 guests each at a time.  This number can be changed from time to time by the House and the members will be duly notified of the same.
•    For the purposes of tracing, it’s important that we know who is spending time in the House. To keep track, we’ll be asking your guests to provide their contact details in advance of any visit and where we deem appropriate, seek their identification proof.
Hours you can spend in the House:
1.    The House will be open for operations from 9 am to 7 pm daily except for Mondays (House will be closed).
2.    The wellness studio is open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. Mondays closed
3.    Our kitchen operates from 9 am to 7 pm on the days the House is open. Our food philosophy is natural, seasonal, fresh, nutritious and of course delicious.
Our House is available after 7 pm only with prior booking. Private dinners and events can be arranged for small or large groups. Outdoor areas will close at 10.30 pm.
Usage of the various facilities and consumption of services at the House, during your visit to the House will be paid by the Member directly at the House itself, payable at actuals such as use of the restaurant/ café, use of the SPA, overnight stay at the rooms available in the House, etc. All bills must be settled in full before leaving the House on the direct debit system provided to you as a part of the membership program. There are no credit facilities. Members are responsible for their guests’ bills; if they are not paid, the Member may face suspension.
Outside food and beverage is not allowed inside the House unless prescribed by a doctor or required for other valid reasons as decided by the House. Any outside food item or beverage recovered on you will be taken and returned to you when you are leaving the House premises. 
Dress code: Masks are the new normal and we encourage you to wear it at all times. We expect all our Members and guests to be appropriately dressed.
Attending the wellness studio and participating in fitness activities is entirely at the risk of a Member. Members are not permitted to bring guests to the wellness studio. You may be required to complete a health commitment statement confirming that you are in good health and in a fit state to participate in the wellness activities.
You hereby waive all rights to take any action on Kathiwada City House for participating in any activities in the wellness studio or take any session at the therapy/spa room, which participation and usage is at your sole discretion and risk and you will keep Kathiwada City House indemnified against all claims arising out of your participation in the wellness activities and spa sessions.
We do not tolerate any kind of illegal activities within our House and reserve the right to take such actions and steps, as we may deem fit against erring Members.
Members and their guests must not approach, disturb or solicit others in their houses with whom they are not personally acquainted. Doing so may lead to suspension or termination of membership.
To protect the relaxed atmosphere within the House, Members may not take or make phone calls, and phones should be set to silent mode. Texting is permitted and calls may be made in designated areas within the House. Please ensure that your guests adhere to our phone policy.
We enjoy and appreciate our privacy within the House and would not like our activities to be made public. As a rule of the House, Members are forbidden to take videos, photos or use live streaming facilities within the House. If any Member is found in breach of this, we have the right to confiscate the device and remove all content of the House from such device. This will not apply to any photos or videos taken of an Event within the House, which has been authorised by Kathiwada City House.
No Member or guest shall purchase, use, ingest, possess, sell or otherwise distribute illegal drugs or other substances, or attempt to do any of the same with any member or guest. No member or guest shall ask any House staff for illegal drugs or other substances while on premises, or in the immediate vicinity thereof. If any of the actions above prove true, the relevant member and/or guest will be removed from the house and the membership in question will be terminated with immediate effect.
No member or guest is allowed to carry any kind of weapon. We will ensure frisking and scanning of Members, their guests and the belonging they are carrying. Any item in the nature of a weapon will be confiscated and any weapon of a serious nature may be reported to the nearest police station. We reserve the right to terminate your membership if any weapon is found on you or your guest while visiting the House.
Our House is designed for adults, but we aim to be child-friendly. Please be considerate of other members when you bring children, who count as part of your guest allowance. Children below 10 years are not allowed inside the House. Please remember that your children are your responsibility at all times when present at the House and ensure they are not left unattended at any time or disturb any House member and their guests.
To use any of the facilities in the House, you must take prior appointment or booking by calling us at the designated RM’s number provided to each member or send an email to us at Upon confirmation of your appointment or reservation, we will be sending you an email, which you can show at the House to avail and utilize your appointment/ reservation.
We expect our Members to use the facilities of the House with utmost care and respect. We do not tolerate unruly behaviour, or any damage to our property and facilities within the House. Any such untoward action or behaviour by a Member will be taken seriously and we reserve the right to ask the Member and their guest to leave the House premises and where we think necessary suspend or terminate your membership.  
Members and their guests are asked to respect the nearby residents by being quiet when entering or leaving the House, or while in the surrounding area. Any complaints received by the House from neighboring building will be taken with utmost seriousness.
No animals will be allowed in the House except for legally recognized and certified service dogs.
Smoking policy: All Members and their guests are obligated to abide by the House’s smoking policy, and to all applicable no-smoking governmental laws, rules and regulations. No smoking (including e-cigarettes, JUULS, and vapes) is allowed inside the House at any time, except for the smoking place designated in or around the House premises.
CCTV: are installed in various locations in and around the House for the safety of our members, their guests and the property.
Safety and Hygiene measure in the House
We want to accommodate as many Members as is safe, therefore you will be limited to the area in which you are seated. Please abide by the departure times outlined in your reservation or as per House rules. To ensure we can accommodate as many members and guests as possible under the new social-distancing guidelines, you are permitted to bring only two guests to the house. Extended guest lists will not be possible at the moment. All guests must be registered with prior appointment before arrival. The elevator can be used with a maximum capacity of two people at a time.         
Due to the unprecedented times that we are all living in, to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone we are implementing all the appropriate health and safety measures in line with government regulations. We thank you in advance for your patience and support as we navigate this situation. To keep everyone safe and healthy, our team members will be wearing masks. We also kindly ask all members and their guests to wear a protective mask while in the house or during any interaction with others. We have increased disinfection, sprays and cleaning of all high-contact surfaces including tables and door handles. If you or your guest are feeling unwell, please do not visit the house until you are feeling better. On arrival, we ask you to use hand sanitizer provided by us, which is also available throughout the house. We also do expect you to maintain ample physical distance with others at all times.
Throughout our House, spaces have been earmarked to facilitate social distancing and one-way traffic wherever possible. We will use and implement all such processes and protocols to ensure safety of all members and their guests.
Cleaning and sanitation of the House is our utmost priority, to provide a safe environment for our Members and their visiting guests. Due to the Covid situation, we will keep hand sanitizers throughout our spaces for all and we request you to use it regularly. We have implemented a no-touch policy, so no handshakes for the moment please.
We expect all Members and their guests to use the House with care and not litter or dirty the premises while using it to ensure the clean environment within the House is maintained at all times.
Participating Properties
We are in the process of tying up with various boutique and premium hotels and properties, whose services and facilities can be used by our Members from time to time. We will keep our Members updated of all the tie ups and how these Participating Properties can be used.
We are aiming to open our House from time to time to host events, workshops, seminars, talks, networking events, art exhibitions, wellness programs, etc. We want to offer our Members an opportunity to participate, learn and take back fond memories, from these activities that we host.
Our website will, on a monthly basis, update its event calendar to showcase the upcoming events. You are requested to check our website and book yourself a slot for the events you are interested in. You can reach us at  
We may open some of the events to non-members, but be rest assured, we will at all times ensure that the exclusivity of the House is not jeopardized.
For certain events, we may require to cordon off certain areas in the House, which may become inaccessible to the Member, unless the Member is participating or attending the event.
Members are also encouraged to host events at the House. If you wish to host an event, please get in touch with us at for more details.
Retail Therapy
We have tied up with SAVA and Melange and we are in the process of tying up with various other luxury retail stores to offer our Members certain discounts or benefits for any purchases that you may make at these retail stores or on their online platform. There may be additional terms and conditions around such retail experience, which will be notified to you at the time.
We envision the House as a showcase for all things beautiful and interesting. Our unique model allows for Members to retail and showcase their products as one day pop up or on a regular basis. Please get in touch with us at for more details.
Brands/collaborators/partners will be added and removed from our affiliation from time to time within your membership period without any prior notice and at the sole discretion of the management of Kathiwada City House.
Our Website
Your use of the website and their contents including, without limit, any text, data, logos, graphics, photographs, images, animations, software, apps, forms, videos, music and other audio/visual materials that you access (“content”) is subject to these terms. Any content that you access on the website is either owned by us (or third parties who licence such content to us) and is made available only for your own personal use on the condition that you must not republish, post, transmit, edit, adapt, syndicate or distribute any content without our prior written permission.
The names ‘Kathiwada City House”, “Kathiwada”, “Kathiwada House” and other proprietary names, business names, and logos displayed on the website or any other electronic communication or within the House may be trademarks belonging to us or other companies within the Kathiwada City House family (“Trademarks”). You will not claim ownership of any of the Trademarks and neither will you use the same for any purpose. Any breach or infringement by you of the Trademarks will entitle Kathiwada City House to terminate your membership forthwith and take such legal action available to Kathiwada City House including seeking damages.
You cannot link to or seek to extract data from the website or reutilize any part of the website or content for any commercial purpose or use our trade marks in a way that suggests that you or your business has any endorsement from or affiliation to us or other companies within the Kathiwada City House group.
Our liability:
Nothing in these terms shall exclude or limit our liability for fraud or for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence (or the negligence of our employees or agents) or where applicable law does not permit us to restrict or exclude particular obligations or liabilities.
While we endeavour to provide the best digital experience we can, including without limitation by offering accurate and current content, we cannot and do not guarantee that the digital properties or any portion thereof will always be fully-functional, current or accurate. Subject to the above paragraph, we do not accept any liability for damage to any computer or device that you use to access our website or in relation to any loss of data when you use our website. In addition, we cannot guarantee that any content you access or download is free from viruses, worms or other malware, and you should check that you have suitable, up-to-date virus or malware protection on your computer or device.
You acknowledge and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, your use of the website is at your sole risk, and all aspects thereof, are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
Our total liability to a Member under these terms and conditions or otherwise is limited to INR. 50,000/-.
You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the us harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees), arising out of or in connection with: (1) your access to and/or use of our website or any portion thereof; (2) your failure to comply with these terms or with any applicable law, rule or regulation; (3) your infringement, misappropriation or violation of our website properties or content or of any third party’s intellectual property right; or (4) any activity occurring by or through your account, whether taken by you or another person accessing or using your account, with or without authorization; or (5) actions or inactions by a Member or their guest which is in breach of the House rules and terms & conditions as stated herein. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any claim, action or proceeding subject to the foregoing paragraph once it becomes aware of it, but any failure to provide you with notice shall not limit your indemnification obligations unless you can establish actual prejudice resulted from such failure. We reserve the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any claim, action or proceeding for which you are required to provide indemnification, and you agree to cooperate with our defence of these claims. You may not settle any claims, actions or proceedings for which you are required to provide indemnification, without our prior written consent.
Other Terms:
1.    If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid or unenforceable to any extent, by a court of law, the remainder of the terms and conditions shall not be affected. Any invalid or unenforceable provision of these terms and conditions shall be replaced with a term, which is valid and enforceable and most nearly reflects the original intent of the unenforceable term.
2.    A waiver or any failure or delay by Kathiwada City House to enforce its rights under these terms and conditions shall not be construed as a waiver by Kathiwada City House of its rights, hereunder, unless Kathiwada City House has waived its right in writing, referring specifically to the relevant terms and our rights thereunder. Any such waiver shall not affect in any way the validity of these terms and conditions or the right to enforce the terms herein.
3.    Kathiwada City House may assign its rights and obligations to any person, including its affiliates or group entities, or to any third party, by way of operation of law, or otherwise.
4.    We will not be responsible and will not pay any compensation where we are preventing or delayed from performing our obligations due to an force majeure event, which is beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to flood, earthquake, mechanical breakdown, IT failure, fire, pandemic, epidemic, lock down, adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism, non-availability of gas, water or other utilities, government restrictions or sanctions, etc.
5.    Kathiwada City House will not be held liable if it has to shut operations of the House due to non-renewal of applicable licenses, the right to operate the House is in breach of applicable law, etc. We will, at the earliest, inform all our Members of such closure of operation and do all acts necessary for the implementation of it.
6.    In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the membership committee, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final and without appeal.
7.    We reserve the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, conditions, privileges, benefits, at our sole discretion, with or without notice, e.g., we may limit the number of Participating Properties, reduce the facilities and benefits in the House, etc.
8.    No liability- No member shall be entitled to bring a claim or suit against Kathiwada City House
9.    The terms and conditions and the business arrangement between Kathiwada City House and its affiliate partners like Kathiwada City House, SAVA, Melange and other brands are subject to change from time to time.
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